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Get Out of the Way, Audit Office!

by Pat Dodd Racher

Get out of the way, Wales Audit Office, before we run you over!

“We look forward to being able to bring all the facts to this public forum [a full council meeting] to demonstrate that our actions and intentions were honourable and lawful at all times”.

So said Carmarthenshire County Council yesterday, in a statement released to the Carmarthen Journal. The statement emphatically rejected the Wales Audit Office’s decision that both a ‘pay supplement scheme’, and the libel indemnity granted to Chief Executive Mark James, were unlawful.

The hastiness of the response, and its ‘don’t care’ tone, suggest that the steamroller is firing up for an attempt at demolishing the roadblock put in its way by the Audit Office.

The council casts aspersions on the Audit Office itself, saying “Although the Wales Audit Office has expressed an ‘opinion’, that opinion does not in itself determine that the council’s actions were unlawful”.

Almost automatic denigration of opposing views? It seems to me that this is becoming a habit in the higher echelons of this local authority. Just read Oggy Bloggy Ogwr!


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