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In Brief: Llandeilo’s Party in the Park

Llandeilo’s annual Party in the Park, yesterday Saturday June 14th, no rain, not even drizzle: sunshine instead. Will Wales be more like this in the climate-changed future?

The views from Llandeilo’s Penlan Park, up and down the Tywi valley, are spectacular and it would be tragic to ruin them with a major construction project.

We on the Transition Tywi Trawsnewid stall asked for suggestions for a Green Charter for Llandeilo. The results show wide consensus — here are some:

  • Reuse and recycle; more recycling points
  • Community renewable energy
  • Turn all appliances off when not in use
  • Micro generation in the home
  • Grow your own food
  • Plant trees
  • ‘Cycle to the local shop’ — two points in one!

The next-door stand promoted the Cinnamon Trust. This charity cares for the pets of elderly people who  can no longer look after them, in two home-like sanctuaries in Devon and Cornwall. Across the UK, the trust campaigns for residential care homes to allow pets and has a register of Pet Friendly Care Homes. Volunteers walk the dogs of owners who can no longer do so, and take care of the pets of people who are in hospital or incapacitated. The trust, named after Cinnamon, the Corgi of founder Mrs Averil Jarvis MBE, is based in Hayle, Cornwall, but has volunteers in Carmarthenshire. I had not heard about the trust previously, but reckon that its work is very beneficial, and reassuring, for people whose pets mean a great deal to them. They sell excellent hessian bags, too.

The elegant bandstand was home for much of the afternoon to the Llandeilo Town Band — the first time in 70 years that a Llandeilo town band has played in Llandeilo’s own bandstand, I was told. The last occasion must have been in 1944. The whole event felt timeless, and all the better for that. Despite competing attractions such as the Welsh Game Fair in Pembrey Country Park, families came to Penlan Park in large numbers, and in tune with the will to reduce noxious emissions, they often came on foot.

Pat Dodd Racher




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