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No Children, No Future Community

A proposed new home for Llansawel’s Meithrin group for pre-school children will be discussed this evening, at 7.30pm in Llansawel Village Hall. The tots have to find new premises because Llansawel School, where they are currently based, closes at Easter (having been empty of school-age pupils since July last year).

When a school closes, there are other repercussions, and this is one. In the end, a community which has lost its children is on the road to extinction.

The proposal on the table, from the trust which runs the village hall and playground, is for a demountable building behind the hall and adjacent to the playground. This would allow the continuation of pre-school Welsh-medium play in the long central section of the service-denuded Cothi valley.

Not that the scarcity of services would be apparent to viewers of road maps like the one below, on which Llansawel village has equal prominence to Swansea and Carmarthen! Given this star billing, how sad that Llansawel now has no school, no shop, no post office. Thank goodness for the two pubs, the Black Lion and the Angel, and long may they thrive.


Principal settlements of Wales — new fame for Llansawel



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