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Welsh Government Holds Up Burry Port Harbour Homes

Another hold up! Carmarthenshire County Council’s plans for a smart residential development on the coast at Burry Port harbour, on the site of the old Grillo chemical works, have been stalled again. The plans were rejected by the High Court in 2013 because of flood risk, but swiftly resurrected because a new map appeared to have erased the flood risk.

The plans should have been been voted on by the council’s planning committee today (April 23rd), but instead, the Welsh Government opted to call in the plans for further consideration. This could take a while because of the many complexities of the site.

The drawbacks of the location are in fact so great that it is hard to see how a developer could make money from the scheme — at least, if contamination and sewage problems were to be properly (and expensively) solved. Flood risk is even more problematic, and demands exceptional caution in siting new homes.  Even if the county council had pressed ahead, and developers Castletown Estates completed the 230 or so seaside residences, purchasers could well have found their properties colossally expensive or even impossible to insure.


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