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Sixteen Years of Habitat Loss in Cernydd Carmel — Illustrated

Before and after photos of part of Blaenpant Farm, south of Maesybont, show the dramatic change which Carmarthenshire County Council apparently failed to notice. The area shown is part of the Cernydd Carmel Special Area of Conservation, and Natural Resources Wales has now ordered a ten-year restoration plan (see here).

  1. 1999 — Varied vegetation, and habitat types which the Special Area of Conservation was intended to protect.

The photo shows the landscape between the Carmel mast site at the foot, and Trisha Breckman and Eddie Roberts’ home, Pant y Castell Fach, at the top. Photo courtesy of Trisha Breckman

2. 2015 — The land has been cleared and graded. The new private road, which links Blaenpant Farm with the area around the Carmel mast, stands out clearly. Landowner Mr Andrew Thomas has now submitted a retrospective planning application for the ‘retention’ of the road.


Agricultural improvement? Habitat destruction? The 20th century habitats have been obliterated, and in a Special Area of Conservation, surely this loss outweighs any temporary increase in the grazing capacity for livestock. Photo from Google Earth, April 18th 2015   


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