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Eggsellent Opening for Cylch Meithrin Llansawel

Cllr Eurwyn Williams has opened, immediately after Llansawel’s annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday March 19th, the new building for the Cylch Meithrin, the pre-school nursery group in the north Carmarthenshire village.

The building, adjacent to the village hall and with direct access to the play park, is proving popular and shows that – if you have willing volunteers – a small budget can go a long way.

Beginning life as a classroom for the Ministry of Defence, the demountable became redundant and featured on eBay, where hall secretary Bill Davis spotted it. The purchase price of £1,500 did not break the bank, and Llansawel hauliers Roy Davies transported it from Essex to the village free of charge.

That’s when the spending really started. Connection to utility services required a lot of digging, and the building needed masses of insulation and cladding, as well as new windows and doors and a complete interior refit including a kitchen, children’s toilets and staff toilet. The total cost was under £14,000, thanks to hundreds of hours of unpaid voluntary labouring – the only way the hall trust could afford to provide the new amenity.

To mark the opening, the Cylch held an open morning yesterday, coinciding with the Easter market in the village hall, and the annual Easter egg hunt around the park.

The hall trust supplied the building because the Cylch Meithrin’s previous home, the village primary school, was closed down by Carmarthenshire County Council, and the trust wanted bilingual pre-school play and education to remain available within the community. In the trust’s view, amenities like the Cylch Meithrin are important to improve the quality of life for young families in rural villages.



Cllr Eurwyn Williams opens the building on March 19th 2016


Cylch Meithrin leader Emma Davies hangs out the flags


Cladding the walls in summer 2015









Fitting out the inside was a complicated job. Trust chair Barrie Martin (left) and secretary Bill Davies did a lot of the work 


Moving in during the February 2016 half-term holiday


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