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Colossal bill for Llandovery Mart waste disposal

See the Carmarthenshire Herald, August 5th p.8

£32,003 for disposing of waste from Llandovery Mart in a single year, 2015-16?

This colossal figure has been confirmed by landlords Carmarthenshire County Council, and comprises £4,037 for tanker hire, £4,940 for using Jet-Vac waste disposal services, and £23,026 in waste disposal costs.

The council budgeted for waste disposal from the mart to cost £1,389, but the actual figure was 23 times greater.

“The waste disposal requirement on site has been higher than experienced in previous years and we have therefore increased the frequency of the cyclical maintenance within the mart, which has therefore increased running costs. A review is currently being undertaken of the current operation in conjunction with the mart operators and the budget will consequentially also be reviewed,” commented council spokesperson Debbie Williams.


£32,003: the cost of waste disposal from Llandovery Mart in 2015-16 

Chris Moore, the council’s Director of Corporate Services, further explained:

“During 2014-15 and previous years we had responsibility for the hydrology service, which we operated on behalf of Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water. The hydrology section would have undertaken this work and the costs would have been met from the hydrology cost centre, hence no significant budget within Llandovery Mart.

“With the transfer of the hydrology service to Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water the responsibility for these works reverted back to the authority, hence the change in actual costs. Therefore the work has not increased significantly but the costs have moved cost centres. The budget will now have to be reviewed in the light of the current position.”

Hydrology is the study of water. Hydrologists concern themselves with matters such as water quality, flow and contamination; drains and sewers; flood mitigation and irrigation.

The council’s statement of accounts for 2014-15 show gross spending of £38,707 on hydrology, revenue of £40,037 and net income of £1,330. The budget for 2015-16, after the council stopped acting on behalf of Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water, shows zero income or expenditure under the heading of hydrology.

The mart operators are auctioneers and estate agents Clee Tompkinson Francis. The Herald has been unable to contact Mickey Gough, the partner responsible for mart operations in the firm’s Llandovery office, who has been out on site visits or on holiday when telephoned, and has not yet been able to reply by email.

As a comparative figure, the cost of emptying an 18,000 litre cesspit is in the range £280 to £320, according to the website septic tanksandcesspits.com. This suggests that, at an average £300 a time, £32,000 would pay for 107 emptyings, removing more than 1.9 million litres of waste.  One housed dairy cow produces about 19,000 litres of waste a year, so 1.9 million litres would represent the annual waste output from 100 dairy cows, housed inside the whole year.

Llandovery Mart has a weekly sheep sale and a monthly cattle sale plus some special sales, and so for the majority of time is empty of livestock.



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