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Gelli Aur signs off

Signs pointing to the closed Gelli Aur Country Park, Golden Grove, have been removed or painted over despite the award in 2015 of a grant of £989,000 from the Welsh Government, payable over three years, to improve public access.  (Carmarthenshire Herald, September 16, p.2)

The signs have been taken away or blotted out by Carmarthenshire County Council in response to complaints from members of the public who followed the signs only to find the park closed.

Cllr Hazel Evans, the county council’s executive board member for the environment, said: “The brown tourism signs for Gelli Aur have been removed as they are out of date and we have had complaints from visitors who followed the signs to a facility that was not open.”


 August 28 2016 — on the A476 between Llandeilo and Cross Hands, one of the few remaining signs to Gelli Aur Country Park

The grant from the Welsh Government was agreed in 2015, to be paid to the Golden Grove Trust over three years. A year ago, on September 28 2015, the Welsh Government said “The first phase of the work is to enable public access to the historic parkland and gardens with associated amenities such as tea rooms, play area, educational activities and trails”.

September 12th 2016 -- same spot, but the sign has been painted over

September 12 2016 — same spot, but the sign has been painted over

The Trust said that the park would be open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays while the restoration work was in progress, but several people have complained about finding the park shut when they have tried to make weekend visits.

The country park, which was valued and used by thousands of people over the years, is being erased.



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