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Welcome to the Patch Work Farm

The innovative Black Mountain Food Hub, initiated by Sara Tommerup and James Scrivens, is inviting gardeners and growers in the Tywi Valley to form a ‘patch work farm’, in which individuals grow one or two types of organic vegetables for the Hub’s vegetable box scheme.

If you are interested in taking part, go to the Station Hub at Llandeilo Station at 10am on Saturday February 4th. The wooden hub building is on the left as you approach the station by road.

Sara and James are looking initially for tomatoes, peppers, chillies, artichokes, aubergines, garlic, head cabbages, sweetcorn and soft fruits — from gardens large and small.

“Running the Food Hub has shown us that there is a need for more local good quality organic veg production, but in the current climate of high land prices, flood risk and lack of professional growing skills in the area, a patch work farm is much more plausible,” they say.

Currently, subscribers to the Black Mountain veg box scheme receive produce from Ed Revill on the Gower Peninsula. The vegetables he sends arrive in Llandeilo via train on the Heart of Wales line — now carrying goods as well as passengers.

Eventually, Sara and James hope that Tywi Valley growers will be able to supply a full range of organic vegetables for local customers.


Sara and James: starting a patch work farm 



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