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Llangadog’s Recycling Centre to Close

Valued public service lost

Yet another blow for the people of north-east Carmarthenshire—Llangadog’s recycling centre is closing on March 31st

The centre, run by All Waste Services, achieved very high recycling rates, between 80% and 85% in 2014, when the county average was 55%. This was above the all-Wales target of 70% by 2025. When operating at its peak the centre provided some 10 jobs for local people. Opening hours were long and there seemed to be a bin for all types of waste, except for potentially hazardous items like asbestos roofing sheets.

Hefin Roberts, head of All Waste Services, said in 2016 that the operating budget was halved in 2013-14, and prices for recycled materials also dived, making it impossible for the centre to break even. He had been subsidising it personally, he said.

Discussions between All Waste Services and the county council have failed to reach an agreement, and on March 10th the council’s press office issued a statement saying from April 1st residents should take black bag and garden waste, electrical items, wood and other bulky items to the Wernddu site near Ammanford.

Wernddu is a dozen miles south west of Llangadog, which itself is 20 or so miles from the outer reaches of its catchment area.

The county council says it hopes to have some recycling bins at Llandovery Rugby Club by April 1st, but these would not accept many of the materials which have been deposited at Llangadog.

Maria Carroll, Labour’s candidate for Cilycwm in county council elections on May 4th, who takes a close interest in recycling services, said:

“It has always been the view of local people, who are dependent on this service, that a long term commitment to the provision of a Recycling Centre in north Carmarthenshire is needed. This did not happen and the [Llangadog] Centre has been subjected to a roller coaster ride of uncertainty and threat of closure. It seems we now find ourselves once more in the position that our Centre, which provides a highly regarded public service, is at risk of closure with little notice and with no public consultation.”

Closure means that fly tipping is likely to increase, with damaging impact on the environment and potentially on the important tourism industry. The loss of jobs is also troubling.

Demonstration at Llangadog’s recycling centre when it faced closure in 2014. Public pressure helped to keep it open, but now in 2017 the gates are likely to close for a final time in less than three weeks.  


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4 thoughts on “Llangadog’s Recycling Centre to Close

  1. Carroll on said:

    Why do they not understand this recycling depot is important to us and their plan is only half a plan at best!

    • I was there yesterday and it was very busy. Even if people are prepared to drive to near Ammanford, there would be considerable extra traffic on the lanes, more carbon emissions, and a big extra time requirement.

  2. viv price on said:

    by closing this site it will cost the council more money cleaning up fly tipping
    when will the council learn.
    and dose carmarthenshire really exist passed llandeilo it seems not sometimes

    • Yes, it seems that the rural areas have been left to fend for themselves. While I understand the financial problems facing local government, not all the spending seems well thought-out. Too many big capital projects when it would be better to focus on maintaining what we already have.

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