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News: One Planet Smallholding Plan Divides Local Opinion

A One Planet Development application for Penybanc, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, has drawn criticism from some local residents, as well as warm support from several others who back the project for many reasons such as being ‘forward thinking”, “carefully considered” and “in harmony with our environment”.

Looking south-east over part of the application site, backed by mature woodland.


Manordeilo and Salem Community Council “strongly objects” to the application by Claire and Matthew Denney-Price of Llangadog, Carmarthenshire. The community council cites 11 reasons including worries about water availability, siting of solar panels, lack of public transport, and over-optimism in the business plan.

These concerns were repeated in other objections. For example, if the family’s four children cycled to school they would have to negotiate single-track lanes without paths, and cross the A40 Llandeilo bypass. The distances are not huge – 1.7 miles to primary school and 2.3 miles to comprehensive school – but there are no cycle paths from Penybanc to Llandeilo, and along the lanes, lacking speed limits, vehicles were observed this week travelling too fast to stop quickly in an emergency. The barriers to eco-friendly travel highlight the difficulties of trying to live an environmentally sound lifestyle safely in a mechanised world where roads – even twisty lanes dating from the before the Industrial Revolution – are regarded as existing principally for motor vehicles.

The family has now been assured that their children will be taken to their schools by bus from Penybanc, and so will not need to cross the A40. This removes one of the objections..

The pony in the background will be one of two working on the land and supplying manure briquettes for heating. 


The 8.9-acre application site is at grid reference SN618245, between Cwmwern and Caegroes farms, north of Penybanc hamlet. The land, part pasture and part deciduous woodland, slopes southwards to the Nant Gurrey Fach, which flows into the Tywi north of Llandeilo. The management plan states that rain will be a main water source, there will be a composting toilet, two ponies will be used for work around the holding to avoid compacting the soil and because they will not consume fossil fuels. In addition, their manure will be compacted into briquettes for heating. Other sources of income and self-sufficiency include honey, point-of-lay pullets, eggs, herbs, fruit, vegetables, and salads.

Commenting on the criticisms, Claire Denney-Price said: “I’m in the process of composing a supporting document addressing some concerns raised by local residents. We have a lot of support, including from the One Planet Council and One Planet Centre, which is very heartening.”

Single carriageway lane bordering the site near Penybanc: on routes like this fast motor vehicles can create problems for other road users. 

 One Planet applications must be accompanied by detailed financial projections showing how at least 65% of basic household needs will be supplied from the land after no more than five years. “We’ve had great feedback which all helps our cause,” said Claire.








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6 thoughts on “News: One Planet Smallholding Plan Divides Local Opinion

  1. I do not think that 1 planet living is the way forward to counter rural depopulation and our carb0n foot print. If we want dynamic , sustainable rural communities we need a more radical but strictly monitored change in the planning laws which would allow sustainable homes to be built by local youngsters to house their families. But of course the price of land is ridiculously prohibitive… stopping farms from being bought by young entrants into the sector, being sold off for planning by locals who want the max price for it ,because profit and greed is universal and not restricted to the city of London. The restrictive living off the land conditions that apply to 1 Planet only attracts your ‘hippy’ from England looking for cheap land in Wales. . Laughlingly Penybanc is a village that has been trashed by Carms County Council, how any planning officer allowed such hideous housing developments in the centre of the village says all you need to know about our county council’s planning officials, (past anywyay)

  2. James Jones on said:

    What a great opportunity, Wales should be proud! Territorialism can often occur due to change but change is what the world needs. Hopefully they will inspire more to provide for themselves so we can slow this hunger we seem to have for resources.

  3. Having read the details regarding this particular development, I agree with concerns raised regarding the management plan and the sustainability of the project. However, the main issue seems to be Claire and Matthews cavalier attitude toward the community.
    Instead of driving through the village of Penybanc in the Audi Q7 SUV -3.0 TD family vehicle (a bizarre choice for a family who “have been deeply concerned for many years about climate change”) they could stop, knock on a few doors and speak to people. Despite their protestations, this has not been done. Without this engagement, how can they expect to win hearts and minds and become part of the community, if indeed they want to be?

  4. Please accept my apologies for putting the Diana comment on this post instead of here: https://meenawalia.com/2019/11/09/people/comment-page-1/#comment-1688

    • No problem at all, I’ve deleted the comment as requested, but it is interesting although not linked to One Planet Development. I think there are echoes of the response to Diana’s death in the Brexit debacle today. In 1997 I think there was a view that the Establishment could not stand Diana creating her own, very different path, and now the current Establishment is determined to retain the status quo regarding the EU, which creates a form of grief amongst those who wanted to leave. I think the referendum was a huge mistake, but it happened. The same Establishment is hindering any progress towards changing the economic system so that we can cope a bit better with climate change.

  5. Sometimes pioneers have many hoops to jump through and lots of red tape to cut away, but that is the nature of the beast.

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